Here at ABT we have 14 Adult Bible Fellowship Classes that meet each Sunday at 10am. These classes each meet to help you not only learn and grow in your faith, but also to provide an environment in which you can connect with a smaller group of people. I encourage all of our new guests to attend our FIRST Class. There you will learn about the church, what we believe, and our Pastoral Staff. After attending FIRST Class, try a couple different classes to see where you fit best so that you can stay connected to our church family.  – Pastor Prevo

Pastor's auditorium class

As a “family of families,” the Pastor’s Bible Study is committed to strengthening families one by one. We achieve this through adult fellowship and practical, informative Bible studies. The Pastor’s Bible Study is comprised of Two Divisions. Division I – Led by Pastor Bill Leight and Division II – Led by Bob Baker. The divisions are further divided into several small groups designed to help everyone find a place in which they can belong and serve. We have found that when people are connected and committed to the areas of belonging and service, they tend to be healthy, growing Christians. It is also referred to as the Auditorium Bible Class. The class meets each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. and is taught by Dr. Prevo in a clear and concise manner. This is an excellent class for new Christians to grow and for mature Christians to better understand God’s Word.

Sundays at 10am  |  Auditorium (see map)  |  Taught By: Dr. Jerry Prevo

first class

First Class is your connection guide to ABT. Here you can find out ABT’s beliefs, history and where you can get plugged in to our church.  This six week course will cover salvation, ABT’s five purposes, statements/doctrine, ministries, Pastor and Staff as well as give you a tour of the ABT facility. This class is your opportunity to ask questions and find out everything you ever wanted to know about the Anchorage Baptist Temple.

Sundays at 10am  |  Room 119 (see map)  |  Taught By: Mark Runkle


The Ambassadors’ Class is designed to help you learn and apply God’s principles in a practical way to everyday life. We believe that a great commitment to the great commission will build a great church! In the pursuit of this belief we endeavor to minister to the entire person mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through teaching, praise and worship, prayer, fellowship, and ministry. Our class is reflective of our city, in that it is multi-generational and multi-cultural in its appeal.

Sundays at 10am  |  Room 113 (see map)  |  Taught By: Jason Hofacker


The Faithbuilders class is designed for people of all ages and walks of life. The purpose of the Faithbuilders class is to provide a welcoming, interactive environment for in-depth Bible studies to build one’s faith, and actively engage the Word of God. We have activities which include “Game Nights,” barbecues at fellow class member’s houses, and helping others in need. Come join us in Room 212 each Sunday morning as we fellowship together with coffee, juice, and donuts at 9:45 am, followed by prayer requests and Bible Study.

Sundays at 9:45am  |  Room 212 (see map)  |  Taught By: Edward Bowden


Frontline is a contemporary, inter-generational class that meets each Sunday morning to discuss some of life’s biggest questions. Frontline is a place where you can be known, be connected, and be involved. We have breakfast available at 9:30am, worship begins at 9:45am, and the teaching begins shortly after 10am. Like us on Facebook for more information about our upcoming events.

Sundays at 9:30am  |  Room 207 (see map)  |  Taught By: Ron Hoffman

the gathering

Young Adults 18-25

In Acts 1, we see the disciples gathered, waiting for the power of the Holy Spirit. Once the Spirit came, they were able to change the world. 

Sundays we create space for Young Adults to gather together, so that we can go live out our faith throughout the week.

Thursdays are designed to help you connect with other young adults and grow deeper in your faith through in-depth Bible study and discussion. Dinner is provided each week, so bring your friends! We are currently going  through Hebrews. Bring a Bible if you have one, if not, we’ll give you one!

Sundays at 10am  |  Room 111 (see map)  |  Taught By: Darryl Nelson | Learn More

Kingdom Seekers

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you,” Matthew 6:33. The Kingdom Seeker’s main emphasis is on the Word of God. The recognized Biblical study method of Interpretation, Explanation, and Application is the cornerstone of our study time. This class is available for adults of any age who are serious about their Christian growth and want to explore the depths of God’s Word. Come join us ever Sunday as we search God’s Word for real treasure.

Sundays at 9:30am  |  Room 110 (see map)  |  Taught By: Rich Hofacker

Ladies for Christ

Ladies for Christ studies different subjects and people of the Bible through a woman’s heart and perspective. Here you can learn about your Savior, Jesus Christ and how to apply His love and spirit in our everyday life. Ladies share a lot of love, joy, fun laughter, and fellowship in this unique Sunday School setting.

Sundays at 10am  |  Room 118 (see map)   |  Taught By: Mary Holmes

L.I.F.E. Class

L.I.F.E. Class is for people of all ages and walks of life. We believe that spiritual growth begins with applying what God says to our lives. This class provides the community and context in which you will be able to connect, challenge, and encourage others to live out your faith.

Sundays at 10am  |  VIP Room (see map)  |  Taught By: Tom Cobaugh

Marriage Matters

The Marriage Matter’s Class provides married couples with a unique setting to learn Scriptural insights that apply to daily married life. Our class is multi-generational with couples from all walks of life, races, and socio-economic levels who are committed to growing in faith and reaching others for Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome to experience the tremendous work God is doing in and through the Marriage Matter’s Class. Our social interaction activities provide everyone an awesome opportunity to enjoy great Christian fellowship and build friendships lasting a lifetime. Join us Sundays for Christ-centered, biblically based teaching on marriage, money, family, friends, relationships, and dynamic life principles.

Sundays at 9:45am  |  Cafeteria (see map)  |  Taught By: Chris Carter


“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” Psalm 16:11

The primary goal of Pathfinders’ Fellowship Class is to help the members of our church grow in their knowledge of and love for our Lord Jesus Christ, through biblically accurate and doctrinally sound teaching, with relationally driven discussion. We are a multicultural and Multi-generational group that has a “good time” sharing our blended experiences. Regardless of your age or stage in life, Pathfinders is the class for you.

Throughout the year we will have activities, which include bowling, volleyball, camping, potluck dinners, and other group fun for the entire family.

Sundays at 9:40am  |  Room 208 (see map)  |  Taught By: Don Barnhart

Real Life

Where life gets exciting for singles over 30! Real Life’s goal is to help singles and “single-again” adults experience wholeness in Christ. This class is a safe haven designed to offer single adults over 30 a place to build relationships with God and develop caring friendships with others.


Colossians 2:10, “…in Christ you have been brought into fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.”

Sundays at 9:45am  |  Room 210 (see map)  |  Taught By: Jim Turnbull

Senior saints

We are at the beginning of eternity, so for now, let’s enjoy our youth!


When God said “It is not good for man to be along,” He was not just addressing Adam’s needs at the time. That need to be among friends and the feeling of acceptance and fellowship are as valid as the need to eat and sleep. Senior Saints was established to meet those vital needs of senior-aged Christians, married or single. We are a community of kindred spirits, providing opportunities through social outings, Bible studies, and other activities that bring us together on a regular basis.

Sundays at 10am  |  Room 117 (see map)  |  Taught By: Byron Kohfield  |  Learn More

spanish class

Servicio Dominical De Adulto Bienvenidos, y con esperanza de vernos el próximo Domingo por la mañana a las 10:00 a.m. nos reunimos en el aula 209 para alabar a Dios y aprender mas de Él directamente de la Biblia, ¡En español!. Después de la clase de escuela dominical pasamos al auditorio principal para escuchar la palabra de Dios predicada por el Pastor Prevo, la cual es traducida al español en simultáneo. Esperamos que nos visite pronto, para mas información, llámenos al 244-2430 o escribanos al correo electrónico, que Dios lo bendiga, nosotros esperamos bendecirlo también!

Each Sunday, we get together in room 209 to fellowship, worship, and learn together from God’s Word. After the Sunday school class we invite you to the main auditorium to listen to the word of God preached by Pastor Prevo, which is translated simultaneously in Spanish. We hope you’ll visit with us soon, for more information call us at 244-2430 or e-mail us at, God bless you, we are excited to bless you as well.

Sundays at 10am  |  Room 209 (see map)  |  Taught By: Joseph Butcher