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Nursing Moms

If you are a nursing mom, we have a room set up with you in mind!

We have rocking chairs, changing tables, and a live stream feed of the service set up in our nursing room. If you need to feed your little one, at any point during your visit, you are welcome to go to this room without missing the service. The nursing room is located in Room 116, or you can ask any of the nursery workers and they will be able to point you in the right direction.​

Tiny Kids

Our Tiny KIDS are broken down into 6 different classrooms based on their age and stage of life :

Infants  (6 weeks – crawlers)

Middlers  (crawlers – walkers)

Toddler 1  (walkers – 2 years)

Toddler 2  (2 years – potty trained)

Toddler 3  (potty trained)

3 Year Olds

What to Expect

Hours of Operation

Nursery is provided for all of our scheduled services and is open fifteen minutes prior to each service. If the nursery volunteer has momentarily stepped out of the room, please do not leave your child unattended.

What to Bring

We encourage parents to bring a plastic bottle, pacifier, and/or no-spill cup. All children need to have disposable diapers, unless the child has an allergy and must use cloth diapers. If a child is to be fed solids, the parents must do this themselves, as time and staffing does not allow us to adequately meet this need. Please label all items that belong to your child (bottles, pacifiers, diapers, snacks, etc.).


We know that dropping your child(ren) off with us gives you a much needed break, and we are happy to help! However, we do ask that you serve in the nursery once a month to allow other parents to enjoy the service too.

Drop-off & Pick-up

A parent must sign his or her child in on the sign-in sheet located in each room. A name tag will be placed on your child, and you will be given a pager which will be used to call you if you are needed during the service. Please remember that these pagers only vibrate, so please keep them on your body at all times.

Parents are responsible for picking up their children. We cannot release children to anyone other than their parents or an authorized person 16 years of age or older. Please pick up your children immediately following the conclusion of the service. When picking up your child, please do not enter the room. Our volunteers will hand you your child and his or her belongings.

Sick Policy

We are sure you understand why children with runny noses (colored substances), fever, persistent cough, or signs of a contagious illness will not be allowed in the nursery. A child must be free of an unmedicated fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours before he or she is allowed to stay in the nursery with other children.

3 Year olds

At 3 years old we begin familiarizing your children with a more structured program that has a Bible story and craft time. By separating the boys and girls we are able to get them acquainted with other kids that will move up with them each year. This is our way of helping prepare them for their Lil' KIDS classes, so that they are able to transition easier.

Tiny Kids Supervisors

Steven & Jennifer Golab

Steven and Jennifer Golab are the Sunday morning nursery supervisors. Together they have 2 girls – Ashlynn and Sophia. They have volunteered in the nursery for 12 years and their favorite part about this ministry is being able to serve together. 

Campus Map

  • Infants - Room 108
  • Middlers - Room 102
  • Toddler 1 - Room 101
  • Toddler 2 - Room 103
  • Toddler 3 - Room 104
  • 3 year-old Girls - Rom 105
  • 3 year-old Boys - Room 106
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