Your life is much more important than your computer

Let's give God some time to update our lives

feb. 10-13 at abt

Access more power with an update!

Adult class competition

Just like we update other things in our lives.  Christians need to update their spiritual life as well.  God is deeply concerned about how well we operate as His children.  Our Spiritual Update Conference is designed to update your mind towards God, increase your heart for services, and expand your will towards obedience.

To help all of our adult Sunday School class leaders to motivate their members to attend, we will be initiating the following competitive campaign to encourage class members to attend our "Spiritual Update Bible Conference."

Classes will compete with each other on different teams based on class averages.

The classes will compete against the other classes within their respective teams.

The class with the best percentage present from each team in all 4 nights will be awarded a free dinner for all winners.

EVERYONE needs to check in with their class leader in the lobby before every service!

Team A

Division 1
Division 2

Team B

Faith Builders
Marriage Matters

Team C

The Gathering

Team D

Real Life
Kingdom Seekers

Team E

Ladies for Christ
Spanish Class