Senior Saints

We are at the beginning of eternity, so for now, let's enjoy our youth!
When God said, “It is not good for man to be alone,” He was not just addressing Adam’s needs at the time. That need to be among friends and the feeling of acceptance and fellowship are as valid as the need to eat and sleep. Senior Saints was established to meet those vital needs of senior-aged Christians, married or single. We are a community of kindred spirits, providing opportunities through social outings, Bible studies, and other activities that bring us together on a regular basis.

Walk With Us

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the Big Gym on the campus of Anchorage Baptist Temple/Anchorage Christian Schools from 9:30am – 10:30am, to walk and fellowship. Canes, walkers, walking sticks, and oxygen are welcome. Bring rubber soled shoes or sneakers. We’re on the move again!

Senior Bible Study

Wednesdays at 11:15am in Room 117

A new Bible study has started for the Senior Saints!  The study is titled, “The God You May Not Know” by Dr. David Jeremiah.  Is it a brown bag lunch/study and everyone is invited!

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